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Established in 1967, U.S. Lubricants is a full service blender, formulator, and packager of specialty lubricants and chemicals. To strategically position itself for continuing growth in world and domestic markets, U.S. Lubricants operates a sophisticated production facility with extensive manufacturing, warehousing, and research capabilities. With expanded investment in equipment and skilled personnel, U.S. Lubricants is eager and prepared to meet challenging global opportunities.

A rapidly expanding U.S. Lubricants product line focuses on high quality automotive and fleet lubricants and chemicals, which are marketed throughout the world. With an extensive background in packaging and a wide variety of private label items, we work with numerous domestic and international companies to develop product lines and successful marketing strategies. Products packaged by U.S. Lubricants enjoy a solid reputation for quality and value.

With advanced blending equipment and large capacity storage, U.S. Lubricants is a major source of bulk lubricants and specialty chemicals. While a proprietary bunker fuel chemistry keeps major power plants in Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia running smoothly, a variety of U.S. Lubricants diesel additives service heavy duty fleets around the world.

U.S. Lubricants is a leader in development of liquid and solid super concentrates. These additives have achieved international credibility in markets where freight and distribution costs are major considerations. Thoroughly tested, super concentrates provide superior performance with significant reduction in costs and waste.

An on-site, fully-equipped laboratory is used for continuing new product research, as well as documentation for a stringent quality assurance program. Newly developed chemistries are thoroughly lab tested, followed by comprehensive field tests, to yield new problem-solving products.

Manufacturing, research and distribution activities are located in Commerce, California, a West Coast transportation hub, providing fast and reliable access to major rail, truck, and shipping terminals.

With over forty years of experience and a tradition for high quality and value, U.S. Lubricants is proud to be a leader in the lubricants industry. We strive to satisfy the needs of each individual customer, and we are not satisfied until that process is complete.