CHALET HP 10W-30 (bottle&label) C - Reflection (Resize-6x6-Web)
CHALET HP 10W-40 (bottle&label) C - Reflection (Resize-6x6-Web)CHALET HP 20W-50 (bottle&label) C - Reflection (Resize-6x6-Web)

High Performance

  • API service SN, SM/CF, ILSAC GF-5
  • Meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for gasoline/diesel engines
  • For use in gasoline/diesel powered cars, vans, and light trucks
  • Advanced formula keeps your engine clean, rust-free, and protected against corrosion, foam, and formation of carbon, sludge, and varnish
  • High degree of thermal stability protecting against high temperature burn off
  • Approved for diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Compatible with turbocharged and supercharged engines

Product Description

CHALET High Performance Motor Oils are the oils that made CHALET famous! CHALET High Performance multi-viscosity oils provide superior engine protection no matter what the operating temperature. They protect domestic and imported vehicles and equipment powered with either gasoline or diesel engines – even those that are turbo-charged or super-charged. These high quality oils have been specifically formulated to meet or exceed all new car manufacturers’ warranty requirements, as well as the stringent industry standards API SN/CF – ILSAC GF-5, and meet most European ACEA specifications. These oils are also formulated to exceed the standard for the Thermal Engine Oil Stability Test (TEOST MHT) and the Ford M2C 930-A, which supersedes M2C153-H requirements. CHALET High Performance Motor Oils will protect with equal vigor both new, modern, close-tolerance engines, and older, high-mileage engines running in a wide range of operating temperatures and conditions. These high performance motor oils exceed the stringent lubricating performance requirements of American, European, Korean, Japanese and other worldwide engine manufacturers.

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12/1 Quart Case
4/1 Gallon Case* – Minimum order quantities may apply. Please contact us for details.